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Friday, March 21, 2014

The St. Paddy's Day Dress Part 2: The Curse of the Busy Print

I love my St. Patrick's Day dress. It's comfortable and fun to wear, however, I discovered something interesting while wearing and photographing it. Due to the busy nature of the print, the details are rendered invisible...which makes me think I needn't have bothered with the details.
Somewhere in this photo are a belt and two pockets. 

The pockets on the dress are adorable, fun to make...

and invisible:

The belt is really cute...

and invisible:

Granted if you get close, you can see them...but I don't know if I want people squinting at my midsection, trying to make out details.

Next time around, I'm making the dress out of linen--solid-colored linen that will show detail--and I'm going to embroider the neckline and pocket using the iron-on design that came with the pattern. The pattern front assures me that the embroidery is "simple to make" and I'm hoping they mean simple for a person like me.
 Below is a photo of my first embroidery project, which I started when I was ten. I keep it to remind me not to start embroidery projects. It was supposed to be a bib for my baby cousin. You might notice that it's not a bib...that's because I think my baby cousin was in junior high by the time I finished it.

But I gave quilting cotton another try and really love my dress, so maybe I'll have similar luck when I try my hand once again at embroidery. Stay tuned...


  1. Yes, the details get lost. How about a white belt? And maybe fold the pocket scollops over and tack them down with the button. Just a thought.

  2. I love the old embroidery patterns, I have one here of an old time lady with the big long dresses on. I think it is Caroline ladies?

  3. Hi Christy--I like the idea of tacking down the pockets and will definitely play with that. I don't own a white belt, but I can see how that would pop the outfit. Hmmm...might have to go shopping...

  4. Hi Penney--I'm kind of attached to that bunny with the drum. We've had a lot of years together. I may have to frame it some time. I looked up Caroline Ladies and love them!