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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Ghost was a No Show

Our haunted rooms are the ones opening onto the balcony
I did not spend the weekend sewing or writing. My husband and I met up with the kids at the Gold Hill Hotel, which is located just a little south of Virginia City, Nevada, home of the Comstock Lode. This is the same hotel where we shot the indoor photos for the Really Retro Victorian clothing blog last July.

This is William the Ghost's room, but he was on vacay.
The Gold Hill hotel is the oldest hotel in Nevada, having been built in 1861 and it has quite a history. Mark Twain once hung out there. In addition to the new rooms in the hotel (there's an addition on the back) here are five original rooms available for rent, two of which are purportedly haunted. My daughter got a haunted room--Rosie's--and so did my husband and I--William's --but, no ghosts. I'm wondering if it's because we used a Groupon. Perhaps these are union ghosts that only work under the proper conditions.

The meal we were served at the restaurant more than made up for the ghosts not showing up. Excellent food, excellent service. A fine time was had by one and all and we're definitely going back.


  1. We're going there for Mother's Day weekend. I'll be fine if I don't see any ghosts.

  2. Hi Kristina! The ghosts are described as affable, so I'm certain they avoid people who don't want to see them. You'll have a great time!