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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Days of Summer

Once again it's summer vacation and the days stretch before me, making me believe that I can write two books and sew many, many dresses. Last summer I thought the same thing and while I made a few dresses--Vintage Vogue 2787 and Vintage Vogue 1136 come to mind--I didn't get done nearly as much  as I had hoped.

But this summer will be different. Oh yes, it will.

I've started three projects. The first is a slip made from a Gertie pattern Butterick 6031. I ordered  a slip kit from Gertie's Etsy shop, thinking it would make the process easier--which it did--but more importantly, it introduced me to micro jersey knit. This stuff is incredible. Heavier than the nylon, it slides over the body and hangs wonderfully. I ended up ordering another kit in yellow and I'm thinking about one in black. These
slips are fun to sew. My slip has no straps because I haven't gotten that far yet, having been interrupted by end of the school year falderal, comprised mainly of stowing things away where I won't be able to find them again in August.

I've made a muslin of my second project, McCall 7204, an early 1950s pattern. I decided to make it out of this polka dot sateen. The dots are small enough that they shouldn't overpower and I won't look like Minnie Mouse. I already have a Minnie Mouse dress, which I wear proudly, so I don't need another.

I was concerned about the bodice, which as you can see, has the potential to be strange on an actual person, but the muslin looked okay. I've been burned by muslins before, what with them looking good and then the final product turning out not so good (once again Vintage Vogue 1136), but I have high hopes for this dress.

The last project is a maxi skirt. I've had a recent hankering for a maxi or two and lo and behold, maxi's are now in style. I decided to start with the Gabriola skirt,which is a Sewaholic pattern. Tasia makes patterns for women with hips and I qualify.

The pattern has panels that make the skirt hug the body in the upper hip
area. It's quite flattering, so I hope to make a couple of these during the many, many days of summer lying before me. I'm making the first one out of apricot challis.

So that's the plan right now, two days into summer break. We'll see how it goes. And since no post is complete without a cat picture, here we are:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing Flora

I had a bit of a heartbreak two months ago when Nora, my companion and sewing partner of seven years, passed away. I thought I didn't want another cat for a while, but the house was so lonely without Nora that even my husband, a bona fide dog guy, said we needed a cat.

Introducing Flora.

 For those of you who are wondering, Nora came to us already named, as did Flora. Merely a coincidence.

We've had Flora for a week and a day and she's taken over the house.

 I was afraid that she wouldn't know how to help me with the sewing, but she took to it it instantly--one might almost say instinctively--so I have high hopes for future sewing companionship.