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Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing Flora

I had a bit of a heartbreak two months ago when Nora, my companion and sewing partner of seven years, passed away. I thought I didn't want another cat for a while, but the house was so lonely without Nora that even my husband, a bona fide dog guy, said we needed a cat.

Introducing Flora.

 For those of you who are wondering, Nora came to us already named, as did Flora. Merely a coincidence.

We've had Flora for a week and a day and she's taken over the house.

 I was afraid that she wouldn't know how to help me with the sewing, but she took to it it instantly--one might almost say instinctively--so I have high hopes for future sewing companionship.


  1. She's adorable. Glad to know she has the kitty sewing instinct. (Perhaps not as strong as the kitty knitting instinct, but still worthy.)

    Miss you.

  2. So true about the knitting instinct. We'll check that out during football season. Good to hear from you!