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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Simplicity 3717 - A Sudden Hankering for an Overskirt

What do you think of the dress with the overskirt?  

To be honest, there was a point in time when I would have laughed at the thought of donning such a garment. Now I’m trying to figure out a place where I can wear it. The options seem  limited, but I’m sure I can come up with something,  because I totally plan to make this dress. 

I’m thinking taffeta in a jewel tone. I have a decent amount of experience sewing taffeta, having made three Victorian dresses out of the stuff. I want the overskirt to poof and taffeta has great poofability.

Other fabric choices mentioned on the back of the pattern are cotton, linen, rayon, silks, satin, broadcloth.  I can see cotton for a day dress, especially if the overskirt is starched, but I wouldn’t wear this dress during the day—not when it cries out for taffeta, low lights, diamond earrings and the maitre d showing me and Don Draper to our table…

Okay, back to reality. No Don. No diamonds. But I like this dress, I will make this dress, and I will find—or manufacture—an occasion upon which to wear it. If nothing else, I’m going out to dinner with my husband. I wonder if I can get him into a dark suit with a skinny tie?


  1. Jeannie, I love your sewing adventures. You make me want to get my machine cleaned and take lessons so I can do something more advanced than I know now! I look forward to your posts and photos!

    1. Hi Anna--Thanks for stopping by! I encourage you to get out your machine. There are so many resources online now to tackle every kind of sewing project or issue. It's a great time to be sewing.