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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Near Miss

So far I'm holding fast to my no buying fabric vow. It's been almost a week and payday has come and gone and no new fabric. I'm so proud. There was one close call, though.

While digging around in my stash, I came across a gorgeous blue linen I bought last spring to make a anorak style jacket. (On a side note, the first thing I did after purchasing the linen was to throw it in the washer, give it a good soaking in warm water, then toss it in the dryer. The second thing I did was read the care label. Dry Clean Only. It came out of the dryer practically the same as when it went in. It was soft to begin with, so nothing lost there and now I know I can accidentally wash this fabric.)

I wanted to line the jacket in white and green stripes, which I thought would look very sporty. I found exactly what I wanted online and figured that lining was a legal purchase, since I already owned the main fabric. However...I hate paying shipping, which I would have to do if I didn't purchase a certain dollar amount on this site. Therefore, it only made sense to buy more fabric in order to save money...the exact thinking that makes the stash grow.

I'm not certain what exactly brought me to my senses, other than the knowledge that I was blatantly breaking the vow I'd made to myself less than a week ago and justifying it by refusing to pay $8 shipping. I steeled myself and slowly backed away from the lining fabric. There will be other perfect linings...and besides that, this jacket pattern doesn't have a lining. In the long run I'm probably saving myself some heartache by not lining it.

But green and white stripes would be so cool.

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