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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

80s Summer Dress!

The 80s dress! I first made this dress in 1987 out of dusty pink cotton fabric (remember dusty pink and country blue?) and I remember wearing the dress to get my driver’s license renewed. I couldn’t believe how old I was. Heh.

This time around, I changed the sleeves. I wanted an 80s style dress, but I have to be careful of some cuts of sleeves that simply do not look good on my shoulders. I raised the arm hole and drafted a new sleeve pattern for a simple short sleeve rather than the straight bands that acted as sleeves in the original.

I had in my possession exactly twelve burgundy buttons—the perfect amount for this dress--and they complimented the fabric.
I had to re-mark the buttonholes because I lowered the neckline, so I was very glad I didn't make said buttonholes prior to discovering I had to lower the neckline.

Maybe it’s the painter coming out in me, but I love this fabric. It’s a rayon challis called Van Gogh. I like the colors, the splashes, the way it feels. 

Confession—I tried to put in shoulder pads to get that 80s feel,  however, the shoulders were too narrow. So I’m padless.

I asked my husband why he kept this shot, which is kind of funky and he said he thought it showed the dress off well. And so it does. And now my attempt at the pattern pose.

I think I hurt myself.

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