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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vogue 1136 Retro Jacket Visits San Francisco

I've just returned from a trip to San Francisco where I ran The Giants Race half marathon and generally hung out and ate good food. Lots of good food. Nothing like burning off 1500 calories during a race to justify eating 4000 calories after the race. While in the city, my husband wanted to take  photos of the historic San Francisco street cars that run on the F-Line and use them as a backdrop for a retro shoot. These cars are authentic and come from around the world. They are, in a word, cool!

The retro shoot was the perfect opportunity to wear the jacket I made from Vogue 1136.

Now mind you, these street cars were loaded with people, which made me feel a bit self conscious as I chased cars and pretended to be waiting for the cars, however, the street car riders seemed to enjoy the spectacle.

My hat is a vintage hat that was made in San Francisco many years ago. I love this hat, even if I do occasionally get the Minnie Mouse effect.

After we got a zillion street car shots,  it was off to the pier to get some mood shots that the husband can crop and turn into black and whites and stuff like that. He hasn't worked with any of these except for the last one.

And finally a nice Irish pub. Here I am impatiently waiting for my reward--Smithwicks!
I love San Francisco.