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Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Interrupt This Dress…

The Sewing
I'm not finished with the 30's dress, but I'm quite excited to have joined a 1940s themed sew along with Lucky Lucille. This is my first ever sew along and the only requirement is that the project involve fashion from the1940s. The theme is Sew for Victory, so I'm taking this to mean that the project should reflect the war years. 

I have three 1940s patterns. I tend to gravitate more to the 30s and 50s--although I'm currently collecting 1970s coat patterns and 1960s A-line dress and matching coat patterns. Don't tell my husband. He thinks I'm staying off eBay. Anyway, of my three 1940s patterns, only one fits me. That would be the one on the far left, which is from 1947--after the war years and sewing for victory.

The center pattern is from 1945 and I believe that dress pattern on the right is from 1944.
I'm going to start with the suit on the left. It's hard to see, but the suit on the right is color blocked, and that seems like a lot of fun, but I happen to have fabric for the suit on the left. (Please forgive the glare on the photo--the pattern envelope is in rough shape and I'm leaving it in the sleeve until I start sewing.) The deadline to finish the project is March 31st, so I should be done in plenty of time.

The Writing
The writing went well today! I wrote 3,000 words and I'm not done yet. Finally on a roll. Here's what the outline of the next part of my story looks like on five 3x5 cards. I'm hoping to get 10K out of these plot points.
Hurray for note cards and actually knowing where I'm going with this bad boy!


  1. Happy to have you join in! The most iconic 40's fashions, to me, are the wartime ones. But with this sew along you could choose a New Look style if you wanted to. I love the patterns you chose!

    1. I'm excited to be part of Sewing For Victory! Thanks for stopping by. My favorite of the three patterns is the suit, so I'm going with that one. I think I can grade one size with no difficulty--especially with those dolman sleeves.

  2. Judging by the waists on those pattern models, none of the patterns would fit me.

    Love the new blog, Jeannie!!

    1. You should see the pattern models in the 1950s--svelte creatures, those. When I see those narrow-waist-big-skirt patterns, I'm like, "Yes! I want to look like that. I'll make that dress." It never works. I still look like me.

      Thanks for stopping by!